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Beyond Expectations in Air Law

Air Law, showed an extremely fast development in Turkey. In
addition to this, neither the legislation nor the judiciary were able to adapt
to the rapid development in air law. The lack of a law firm and lawyers, which will
offer the highest qualifications to clients and partners in this area, is
evident even if there is not a clear lack of regulations in this area.

Kartal Law Firm is working to put an end to this deficiency
and to make it possible for its clients and business partners to get the
support of the most experienced and well-equipped lawyers on behalf of air law.
Aviation law or Aviation Lawyers in
search of those who seek the right choice should always be the undisputed Eagle
Law Firm.

In addition, the Aviation Lawyers Turkey team
consists of lawyers who are real airmen. The Aviation
Solicitor Turkey
team has so little to do.

Unique Service in Insurance Law

Kartal Law Firm continues its expertise in insurance
services and insurance law at every opportunity. This expertise must of course
be advanced. After all, insurance law is not just private law. In addition to
private law, it would be best to describe it as a mixed law that includes
public law.

For this reason, only the competence of private law will
never be enough. In addition to this, it is imperative that the public law is
mastered and in public law the personnel have improved themselves. Of course,
consultancy services about insurance transactions will also be provided by the
company staff.

Reinsurance Service Available

Kartal Law Firm is with its clients and business partners
with reinsurance service. In this case, it can be understood that the customer
potential does not only consist of individual customers. Reinsurance is a
method applied by insurance companies who want to insure themselves due to the
risks they undertake. In this way, insurance companies will be able to continue
their activities without even the slightest damage. It would not be wrong to
state that reinsurance services are a kind of second insurance.

Wide Range of Service

It is not the only law that Kartal Law Firm serves to its
clients and business partners. In addition, Kartal Law Firm also provides
financing for other elements in the aircraft and aviation sector. At the same
time, Kartal Law Firm will always be at the side of its business partners with
its experienced staff in organizing and supporting the relations with all the
credit institutions where banks are involved in providing this financing
service. In this way, by entering the aviation sector with confident steps and
to be able to move forward in this sector will be much easier to progress.

At the same time Eagle Law Firm will be guiding its clients
in this regard. Many information will be shared with clients and partners such
as how much funding is needed or what the scope of this financing should be. In
this way, those who demand aircraft financing will be able to act more

Complete International Jurisdiction

The international law disciplines, especially air law and
maritime law, change and develop very quickly. Moreover, there is not only one
legislation in these branches of law. Although there are more than one
legislation, there are also legal rules that must be observed in common at the
international level.

Although Kartal Law Firm has both these rules, it will
inform its clients of all kinds of changes and developments. In this way, the
clients will be able to get a much clearer view of what will be the result of
the dispute. At the same time, the fact that these cases are entrusted to those
who have mastered all the changes in international law will make their clients
and business partners much more satisfied.

Required Foreign Language

Kartal Law Firm knows very well that foreign language
knowledge is essential in internationally recognized law branches. As such, it
will make its business partners and clients comfortable with its staff who
continue to improve themselves for foreign languages. After all, the foreign
language proficiency at the mother tongue level will give a much more
comfortable and much more clear understanding of agreements and thoughts in
disputes and mutual relations.

Kartal Law Firm always takes the utmost attention to foreign
domicile in order to prevent possible grievances and to satisfy their clients,
and to ensure that they can be fully communicated to the other party. MSM is.
At the same time, the command of a foreign language will not make any sense
even after being at the mother tongue level. This is especially true for the
international aviation language, English.

Likewise, mastery of other foreign languages ​​is extremely
important in terms of the ability to express on a legal level, or for the more
successful establishment of mutual relations.

Experience the privilege of supporting a true aviator and

One of the biggest privileges that Kartal Law Firm offers to
its clients and partners is the qualifications of its personnel. Ali Kartal,
one of the team's inseparable members, will never stop sharing the whole
experience and the information it has gained in this field in order to satisfy
its clients and business partners. Besides, Attorney Ali Kartal is not only a
lawyer or an air lawyer. In addition, Ali Kartal is also a professional

Ali Kartal has a vast experience in many aviation issues and
disputes due to the fact that it has a CPL known as a commercial pilot license.
Considering the fact that he has been actively working for many years in this
business, he has mastered all processes and procedures, he knows what the
problems may be and he can make accurate predictions, this situation will
attract attention as an invaluable opportunity for the clients. Anyone who
trusts Kartal Law Firm will be happy to receive this service from someone who
is directly involved.

Correct Address for High Advisory Service

Kartal Law Firm will not only serve its clients and business
partners in the field of dispute resolution. It will also provide unique
consulting services. The fact that this consultancy service is to be taken from
a real aviator and an experienced lawyer will greatly satisfy the clients.

At the same time, this consulting service does not have to
be subject to legal disputes. After all, Kartal Law Firm is also an expert in
insurance, insurance law, financial services and many other fields. The fact
that it is a multi-faceted law firm has made the consultancy services more
qualified. Moreover, this consultancy service will allow clients and business
partners to act more consciously.

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